Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be an executive to be a client?

No. While many of our clients hold executive positions we have many clients who hold various roles within their companies. If you are someone who delivers presentations then we should talk.

I am an experienced presenter and I receive a lot of positive feedback from my presentations. Why would I need your services?

We deal with many clients who are “great” presenters. Often, those who are great presenters can become even better with the right coaching. Have you ever heard of Hank Haney? He was Tiger Woods’ golf coach from 2004 to 2010. Even the best golfer in the world had a coach. Let us be your Hank Haney.

I hate presenting and I’m a poor presenter. How is it possible that you can help me?

Being a good presenter is not easy. The vast majority of business people are below average presenters. Most presenters (good and bad) go about organizing, preparing, and delivering their presentations in the wrong way. Following an initial consultation with Save it like Sully, we are usually able to diagnose the major problems with your presentations. After working with us, we guarantee you will improve and be a more comfortable presenter!

What is your secret to making your clients successful presenters?

It’s a secret.

How much does the Save it like Sully service cost?

Every client engagement is customized. The price depends on your customized engagement. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our clients within their budgets.

What do your clients say about the services?

Our clients’ reviews are our greatest assets. Here are just a few of their comments. link to testimonials

How are you different from other training and coaching offerings?

1. We customize our offering for every client.
2. We don’t aim to change our clients. We aim to make them better presenters by leveraging their individual strengths.

Do you create PowerPoint slides for clients?

No. We are not in the graphic design business. We have graphic design partners that we work with if you require slide design assistance.

Why is the name of the company Save it like Sully?

It’s an inspiring story that we discuss with our clients during the initial training/coaching session.
Title Executive Presentation Training Coaching

Our clients are from a number of industries and have diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a poor, average, or great presenter, our goal is to make you a remarkable presenter. Contact us today to find out more about our customized services.

What we say about our company and our offering is irrelevant. We let our clients do the talking. Check out our testimonials.

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