Score 952

Jim Kouzes

Leading@Google presentation

Brief Summary
  • Well organized with relevant stories that helped articulate various points
  • Not reliant on presentation slides
  • Excellent use of hands, good movement, and outstanding eye contact
  • Good interaction with the audience
  • Knows the subject matter well, smooth transitions between topics
  • Provided specific guidance on topics covered, stayed on time, easy
    to follow

Organization = 240 points
Slides = 80 points
Delivery = 240 points
Preparation = 380 points
12 Bonus points for humor, smiling, effective use of a pause,
excellent handling of questions, and more.

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Score 281

Michael Hanlon

Authors@Google presentation

Brief Summary
  • Not well organized, difficult to follow, cut off ending
  • Good slides that complement the verbal presentation
  • No movement behind the podium, little to no eye contact, poor
    verbal pacing
  • Reading from a script

Organization = 90 points
Slides = 80 points
Delivery = 20 points
Preparation = 95 points
Penalized 4 points for poor humor, technical glitches, admitting he was not prepared, and more.

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